Strengthening Developments in TNE Through Inter-agency Cooperation


  • Fabrizio Trifiro QAA

Author Biography

Fabrizio Trifiro, QAA

Dr Fabrizio Trifiro, Deputy Head International, (QAA)

Fabrizio joined QAA in 2009. He leads on the international student experience and engagement with partner agencies overseas. He is also involved in the quality assurance of transnational education (TNE), recently leading TNE review teams in China and the United Arab Emirates, and contributing to developing a new approach to the review of TNE. Before joining QAA Fabrizio held a number of lectureships and research positions across Europe. He holds a PhD in Political Philosophy (University of London), an MSc in Research Methods (University of Sussex), a MA in Human Rights (University of Bologna), and a BA in Philosophy (University of Bologna).




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