Re-Defining the Event: with the focus on ethical issues in nursing practice and research


  • C Piper


This article is based on a presentation given at the Leeds Beckett University PORESO 2015 Conference. The theme of the Conference was “Re-defining the boundaries of the event” and I used the opportunity to reflect on two themes. The first theme reflected on is my own research and how over the years I have been carrying out research the ethical requirements have changed and the second theme is how some health care students I have been involved with in my current lecturing role appear to emphasis seeking ethical approval for research studies as an event and one which once they have completed the ethical requirements. Whereas my own position is that rather than considering ethical approval as an event and seeing this as a stage which needs to be completed prior to carrying out any research, ethical approval is only one aspect of the wider ethical process which should underpin every stage of their work. Ultimately, I conclude that when discussing the ethical process and ethical considerations with students and especially research students, the emphasis needs to be that ethical considerations need to inform and underpin all aspects of their practice and the research process and it is important to emphasis the conceptualisation of ethics is an approach rather than as an event.