NGO Contributions to Creating Wealth Through Health Promotion in Ghana

  • N N Appiah-Agyekum



The study investigates the role played by NGOs in promoting health as a tool for wealth creation in Ghana. It also delves into the successes and constraints faced by NGOs in creating health through wealth in Ghana.


A qualitative approach was used by the study. Sampling was purposive and data was collected through in-depth interviews. Reports and other documentary evidence obtained from respondents were also used. The data was analyzed thematically and discussed within the context of relevant literature and evidence based practices.


The study set in the Dangme West (now Shai-Osudoku) District of Ghana and focuses on the local Area Development Programme (ADP) of World Vision Ghana. It covers the activities of the ADP in the district between 1996 and 2011.


The study interviewed 3 persons who had been involved in managing the ADP, 4 opinion leaders in the District and 3 representatives of the District Health Directorate.


World Vision was the key stakeholder of education, health and nutrition, agriculture, water and sanitation, emergency relief response and HIV/AIDS education and support in the district. Findings also show logistical, cultural and other resource barriers hamper the effective operations of NGOs in creating wealth through health. Limited community participation and commitment to World Vision’s exit strategy were also major impediments.


NGOs are very instrumental in mitigating of the direct, indirect and intangible costs of health in rural areas of Ghana through capacity building, empowerment, public health interventions and Local economic development.