(E)raising History: An Exploration into the Experimental Techniques of M. NourbeSe Philip’s Zong! and Jordan Abel’s Injun

Module: Experimental Writing (Level 6)


  • Joanna Hemmings


zong, injun, experimental poetry, NourbeSe Philips, Jordan Abel, Zong!


My scepticism of experimental writing led me to the essay assignment rather than creating my own experimental creative piece. During my research for this essay, I found a new appreciation for the concept and, ironically, this was the essay I enjoyed writing the most.

This work investigates the experimental techniques of two authors engaged in similar projects that interrogate the loss of voices and lives to history and explores the possibility of a creative intervention on behalf of those who have been silenced.

Author Biography

Joanna Hemmings

Joanna Hemmings is a mature student at Leeds Beckett University, soon to be graduating with a first class honours degree in English with Creative Writing. She has a substantial employment background, primarily in management and organizational roles and hopes that her return to education will give her the tools to forge a more desirable career path in teaching or editorial positions. Her lifelong love of literature, which fondly began with The Tiger Who Came to Tea, has been harnessed and enthusiastically applied to all modules encountered on the course. Joanna will begin postgraduate studies at Leeds Beckett University in the new academic year.