Wide Sargasso Sea: Letters Assignment

Module: Postcolonial Writing (Level 5)


  • John Eckley


postcolonial writing, jean rhys, wide sargasso sea


This work blends critical and creative writing to present two fictional letters from characters contained within Wide Sargasso Sea and Jane Eyre. These letters aim to reflect the devastating impact that colonialism can have on those it reaches, whilst engaging with established literature on the subject.

Author Biography

John Eckley

John Eckley is a Leeds Beckett student who created this piece of work whilst studying Postcolonial Writing on the Media and English course. The module took place during a time in which at home study was required, but despite this it was still very interesting and engaging. The creative aspect of the assignment allowed for the enhancement of new expressive skills and presented an interesting challenge. The module looked at various postcolonial works and perspectives and John found the work of Wide Sargasso Sea to be especially interesting, therefore the assignment focused on this. This interest in Wide Sargasso Sea originated from its exploration of the alternate and hidden narrative which surrounded Antoinette’s neglected perspective. This area seemed like it could be developed further, and because of the freedom of the assignment, the letters were able to focus on this.