The Cartographer Tries to Map a Way to Zion: Letters Assignment

Module: Postcolonial Writing (Level 5)


  • Lilli Medlicott


Kai Miller, postcolonial writing, creative/critical


This assignment revolved around race and culture, something I wanted to explore further, with my own family being of black origin and my heritage unable to trace due to the slave trade. During class, I found that I knew little about colonialism and had never heard the word in a classroom before. Due to this, I felt the importance to demonstrate the notion of white ignorance and its impact on cultural and social studies.

Author Biography

Lilli Medlicott

For the class of 2022, University came with more than the usual challenges that most could have predicted. The COVID-19 pandemic brought about problems that have never been addressed before; for most, this meant completing a year of their course online. This assignment falls into that category. Lilli Medlicott wrote this assignment during the first national lockdown and unexpectedly found it to be something beneficial to focus on during such turbulent times.