What do Romantic poets find when they encounter the natural world and or/natural landscapes?

Module: Romanticism (Level 5)


  • Lawrence Clarke Russam


romanticism, poetry, the sublime


This essay discusses Nature as the primary subject in two Odes from the Romantic period: 'Dejection' by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (Coleridge, S. T. 1802), and 'Intimations of Immortality', by William Wordsworth (Wordsworth, W. 1807).

Author Biography

Lawrence Clarke Russam

Lawrence is an English literature and Creative Writing student at Leeds Beckett University. Lawrence co-founded the Creative Society at Leeds Beckett and served as president during the 2019-20 academic year. Lawrence's literary interests are broad, but in his final portfolio he focused on mixed-race identity in post-emancipation Jamaica, experimentally using a phonetically-spelled patois in the production of his radio-script: Confucius.