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Module: Experimental Writing (Level 6)


  • Alexandra Bailey


experimental writing, short fiction


This piece of work showcases an experiment that I undertook with the intention of discovering the link between the language used in email and its subtext. My method consisted of me taking an email that had been sent in a professional environment and translating that through different modes of writing. Within this piece of work, I chose to translate my email into a short story to allow a clear and detailed picture to be formed, one full of emotion and life which contrasts heavily with the qualities of email writing. Alongside the experiment, I wrote an essay on the effect of the language used in email and human interaction.

Author Biography

Alexandra Bailey

Alex has completed her final year of her English with creative writing course and has thoroughly enjoyed her time. She picked this course with little knowledge of the modules and content that would be learned and explored, just with the passion and excitement to further study her subject. Not every aspect of the course was easy to understand and work with and some modules required her to step back and bring a new approach to what she believed reading and writing needed. The course has allowed her to develop her own ideas and style of writing independently where she has been able to find a corner of literature that she really loves and also it has opened her up to the idea of the study of the English language. Through great research and thought, she believes that one cannot be fully understood without the other which is apparent within her work.